Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week in Review - Laredo, Texas - A Study in Signs

When the icon for your room is a railroad crossing and your room is next to the elevator and they offer you earplugs at check-in, you might want to immediately check out and find another hotel.  I could hear the person above me using the bathroom.  After that, I ran the air conditioner fan non-stop.

This man stood right there and didn't move from that spot for an hour.  The woman sitting in the distance straight ahead ended up talking to me later when I moved next to her prior to boarding.  The next day, she was in my class.  Think, think, think...did I say anything unprofessional about my customer (a.k.a. her employer) in front of her?

I thought I might be lost when the decor of the classroom (in a corporate facility) looked like it belonged in a preschool.

The first good sign on this trip.  The customer provided a snack & drink cart and I LOVE BIG RED!  Sadly, it didn't love me back.

Maybe it wasn't the Big Red.  Maybe it was the heavy, fried, greasy food that was provided for lunch.  This was day 3 (that is Chicken Fried Steak although they called it something else), day 1 was Salisbury Steak (I don't eat red meat), I skipped lunch day 2 to check out this sign:

Where are the women that don't flush?  There must be some out there since these signs- and variations of the same - are everywhere I go.

In other bathroom news...Caution, stall door opens out.  Except when it opens IN.  And no, it didn't swing both ways, I checked.

I hung up my towels so I could help save the environment.

They took my towels anyway.  I think printing a PLASTIC sign encouraging me to save the environment if they are going to take the towels anyway defeats the purpose.  That's just my opinion.  This wasn't special to Laredo.  Housekeeping always takes my towels.

I wonder if they make exceptions on the $50 bill rule when a ticket is lost?  And what if I have an American credit card, do they take those?

I was questioned by TSA and U.S. Customs Agents over whether I - the girl that has a Texas Driver's License and NO passport - was a U.S. Citizens.  I am not sure what they expected me to say.  No?  What about the people in front of me who had Mexican passports?  What is the point of the question?  David says they probably are trained to read micro-expressions.  I don't need to be trained at all to realize two big black UNATTENDED suitcases sitting next to an airport are a no-no.  I think the TSA needs to stop pestering me and question this situation pronto.

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