Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 2: Knoxville to Severn, MD via Bethesda

So once again the GPS lied to us.  Seven and a half it said.  We left Knoxville at 10:30 a.m. and arrived in Bethesda, MD at 8:30 p.m., 10 hours later.  So far the theme of this trip would have to be "Rain and Wrecks".

It rains steadily for the first 8 hours of our trip and once again we end up at a dead stop on the highway.  No getting out of the car this time unless you need a shower while you wait but it was a good time for noting today’s one-liners:

  • So I guess technically, we’re in the car.
  • The biggest difference between Las Vegas and Pigeon Forge (TN) is the shows.
  • This rain isn’t helping the fact that I need to pee.
  • Opening the sunroof in the rain probably isn’t a good idea.
  • I wonder why you haven’t got my text message yet since I am sitting right next to you.
  • If I close my eyes, I can watch it.
  • That car has eyelashes.
  • A little bleeding might help.
  • I don’t even want veggies on my burger…why would I eat a burger made of veggies?
  • If you pee in that seat you’re driving the rest of the way.

At one point, technically still in the car, I look over and this is what I see:

D is watching a movie on his iPad while holding it suspended at chest level because “he can see his own reflection” when it is flat on his lap.  In my head I think, “he needs to use the pillow as a table”.  Out loud I am forced to say, “we left the pillow at the hotel”.  Yes, that pillow.  The one we fought about the day before.  After going back for it at home, one of us – I won’t say who since that isn't really important to the story - left it at the hotel in Knoxville.  Here at the hotel in Maryland we have plenty of pillows.  Four on my bed, four on his. 

Two days and 1358 miles later, we reach our final destination.

Grandbaby #2!  Little Mama is no puny thing!  I love fat, substantial babies!  If anyone needs gift ideas for this girl now or in the future I can suggest this with a fair amount of confidence:  Hair products.  This child is going to have one massive head of hair.

What I read on the plane in the car:  Nothing, I did most of the daylight driving.
What D read in the car:  Kill Shot by Vince Flynn

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