Friday, March 9, 2012


I have now been to Washington D.C. twice and have seen nothing a normal person would see.  No president, living, dead or immortalized.  No famous house.  Nothing but hotels and a restaurant that was once on the Rachel Ray show where I had a fantastic piece of salmon.

Truthfully, I’m not sorry I missed the sights.  Leaving D.C., I was concerned I would never make it out and would be forever lost in the maze of roundabouts required to navigate this city.  I despise roundabouts.  I don’t care what people say about the greatness of them and their ability to control traffic.  They are only great if you are familiar with that particular roundabout and know exactly how to maneuver it to enter and exit in the proper place.  D made the drive in and I made the drive out and both of us did it wrong. 

The GPS lady said, “Take the 4th exit at the roundabout.” 

“Fourth exit!  How can there be more than 4 exits?  In the one at home there are only 4 total!  How many exits will there be??” 

Poor D was so frustrated by the situation he finally cried out, “We have to be at the hotel now!”

When we finally reached the hotel, we had to stop on the way to our room to read this:

Good thing we read that BEFORE a fire broke out because that font is really small to read with smoke stinging your eyes.  And who ever heard of a fire alarm that doesn’t call the fire department?  The nearest alarm that contacts the fire department is on 24th M Street?  What does that even mean, are there 24 different M Streets?  How many roundabouts are there between here and there?  If the answer is more than zero, I think we might be at the wrong hotel.

UPDATE:  About an hour after this post went up a fire broke out at my daughter's house where I am staying.  Tomorrow I will tell you how we all stayed calm, fought the fire and still had time to get breakfast at McDonalds.

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  1. Like a dummy, I would've just pulled the alarm and then fled the floor thinking the fire department would be on their way. Ooops!