Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week in Review: York, Pennsylvania

Started Sunday at my daughter's house.  Moved to York, PA on Monday afternoon.  Stayed in York through Thursday.  Back to my daughter's house near Baltimore on Thursday.  Home Saturday.  Whew.
The York room picture was the hardest one yet.  I am 5' 10" and I am flat-footed in that shot.  The room number was very high. 

York and Baltimore are only an hour and half apart but I fit a lot in this week.  York seems to fancy itself an artsy town and all and all I would agree, they definitely try.  Some parts of town are a little rundown but as I mentioned in a post earlier in the week, it is an old town.
Most of the towns coin meters had been painted.  I saw an angel, a giraffe and a variety of other designs.

There were a couple of mosaic walls including a very large one (bigger than this one) on the wall of the Central Market parking garage.  All of the pillars at the parking garage were also completely covered in mosaic glass designs.

These painted walls were in several parts of town and all were well maintained and freshly painted, unlike in Weatherford, TX.

Salvaged art planters, benches and other artwork were scattered around downtown.

I really wanted to see the Central Market (a farmers market that also has some restaurants and other vendors). Several people I talked to mentioned it but it is only open for a few hours during the middle of the day a few days a week.  I made the customer I visited this week mad by missing a conference call once, I don't think she would have appreciated my disappearing to check out Central Market.  I did try one thing the locals suggested:
A crab pretzel:  a regular pretzel covered in crab, a white cream sauce and cheese.

I love crab.  I ate crab at least 4 times during the trip and again the first meal after returning home.  I had high hopes but I ate 2 bites and couldn't eat any more.  It was the cream sauce. 

On Wednesday night I drove to Lancaster, PA to The Dutch Apple Dinner Theater to see the musical 9 to 5.  This is the play the movie is based on (or the play is based on the movie, I am not sure).  The movie starred Dolly Parton, Lilly Tomlin, Jane Fonda and Dabney Coleman. 

My Playbill, those are the actors I saw perform.

The play featured local talent and I thought it was really good with one exception.  The girl playing Dolly Parton's character tried too hard to be Dolly.  I thought she had a nice voice but she was trying for a Texas accent as the character is supposed to be from Texas (one of the ladies at my table said she was "pitchy" when she sang but I can't sing like that so what do I know).  I am a native Texan and I can guarantee her accent wasn't even close.  I wish she had just used her own voice and I think it would have been fine.

The view from my seat.  I was on what would be the 7th row.  The man sitting closest to me in the picture had on a ton of cologne.  Which came in handy as you will learn.

This is a dinner theatre with a buffet before the play.  The food was okay, nothing special.  The audience is seated restaurant style which was inconvenient during the play as I was forced to sit sideways in my chair or with my head turned to the side.  There was a small problem with the person behind me too.

Someone farted.  More than once.  I think it was this kid who was sitting on the row behind me which was slightly raised.  He had his face buried in that game the whole time.  When he wasn't farting that is.

The audience was pretty evenly split with an elderly bus tour and a group of teenagers from a local school.  The play had a few scenes that reduced the teenagers to hysterics - any kissing scene (there were at least 4) and the scene when they are smoking a joint and one of the female characters touches another female character's breasts. 
One of the women at my table was very concerned about my returning to York after dark.  She mentioned it several times and was wringing her hands.  She was clearly afraid for me, a woman traveling all alone to the big, dangerous, multi-racial city. I considered calling her to let her know I got there safely but we don't actually know each other so I didn't have her number. 


  1. Lancaster, PA....I would have to check out Amish country, it fascinates me. We may try to venture that way sometime. Let us know if you are ever in our area. If you are brave enough, we will have you over for dinner! :)

  2. I will definitely do that. I have mixed feelings about Amish country. I had been to Lancaster before and was in a bank when come women came in with their bonnets and long dresses. It looked really strange to see them in this modern bank lobby. I also saw some Mennonite families working in their fields. But the tours of the area, it makes me think of going to the zoo. Like I am there to view the animals. This is why I haven't done any of those tours but I did hear they are very interesting. The thing I am sorry to have missed is the Hershey Tours in Hershey, PA. I can get behind a tour that revolves around chocolate.