Thursday, August 23, 2012

Triple D and BINGO, the Musical: Kansas City

Having not learned my lesson in Omaha at Big Mama's, I seek out two more Diners, Drive-ins & Dives restaurants, this time in Kansas City.  First up is Grinders which is next to Grinders West.  If you are wondering why they aren't one restaurant, they are not attached.  There is a tattoo parlor separating them.  Looking at the employees here, I think they might work at all three. 

Lest you think I am against tattoos, I am not, I have two myself.

Any place that offers things like Funky Dough and Big Ass Shrooms has potential.

I did have some trouble finding this place due to my continuing problems with the GPS.  It took me to another location that wasn't anywhere close to correct.  Once here, I like the interior of the restaurant and the "sit anywhere you want" attitude but it is too warm and too loud in here for me.

When I ordered two slices of their specialty pizzas, the waitress gave me a funny look.  Now I know why, those are big pieces.  I had the Goldberg (on the left) and the Fun Gi.  I don't really care for the Goldberg, even though it has salmon on it.  The Fun Gi, which is a variety of mushrooms, was better.
The verdict:  It was okay.  I might give it a second chance before making a final judgement if I ever came back to the area.
Next up is Brick.  I check this one out on the last night in town before I head over to the play I have tickets for.  The interior is funky like Grinders but it isn't as hot or as loud.  

They are playing music and it is an eclectic mix.  I heard Etta James followed by The Shins. 

The artichoke spinach dip was good but the regular chips were a little on the stale side.  I dealt with this by eating only red ones.  Plus, I ordered the portabella sandwich too so I didn't need to eat much dip, I really just wanted to try it.  My sandwich was fine, but not great.  You may be thinking, "Holy cow!  What will it take to impress this girl?"

The Dream Twinkie:  a beer-battered, deep-fried twinkie, cut in half and drizzled with chocolate sauce, squirted with whipped cream and topped with a cherry.  I wouldn't have even ordered this but it isn't time to go to the theatre yet.  I have been leery of trying a fried Twinkie though I have heard of people eating them, mostly at the state fair.  I assumed the cake part would be soggy with oil from frying.  It wasn't.  I only ate half though because I am afraid of being in a food coma at the play.
The verdict:  I would go here again just for the Dream Twinkie and I would eat the whole thing this time.
I am going to see BINGO, the Winning Musical at the American Heartland Theatre.  I don't realize that this theatre is in a mall.  When I arrive and try to go to some of the shops, they are closed.  I found this really weird since the Crown Center is attached to a hotel and it is only 7 pm on a weeknight.  I did find one store open, the toy store.  On the back wall, I find these costumes and consider buying one for my 3 year old granddaughter.

She could be a police officer.
Note:  She calls police the "po-po". 

She could be a pirate.
She could be a train engineer.
She could be a hair stylist.  WAIT!  Why are there only girls on this one but there were a girl and boy on all of the others?  I refuse to buy one of these because obviously Melissa & Doug of Melissa & Doug's Role Play Sets are discriminating against boy hair stylists. I myself have a boy hair stylist that I really like.
So I bought this instead.  I make this commitment to you right will be the first to know how my hot dog mummy and shrunken head turn out.
Time for the show!  An escalator takes me up to the theatre where I take my seat.  I have polite conversation with the women on either side of me and enjoy the company, however short, of both.  Both have been here before and seen productions containing the main character in this one.  They tell me she is fantastic.
The idea here is that those of us in the audience are not actually the audience.  We are people who have come to play Bingo.

So in my program I find 3 Bingo cards.

One advantage to traveling alone is the ability to find the odd single seat in a good location.  I am on the 3rd row in the center. 
There are three friends who play Bingo together every week.  It is the birthday of the inventor of the game so it is a big night at the parlor.  A storm comes in and people are advised to stay home.  Nothing doing.  But the parlor can't wait on them to arrive so we play the first game without them.
I turn the free space and nothing else.  The audience winner is given $5.  We are given instructions on when we will play and when we won't at this point.  We will play a total of 3 times throughout the show.

The second game fares a little better for me, and the winner.  This time it is a $10 prize.

Final game.  I don't win.  Someone else wins $15.
This play was hysterical.  I loved it.  I would have to rank this at the top of the community theatre productions I have seen so far.  I won't give away the story but if you have the chance to see it, I highly recommend it.  There is a musical number centering around one of the characters being an understudy in a play in New York.  She is Nurse Ratched in the musical version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, called Cuckoo of course.  That song is fantastic and the girl playing the part did such an outstanding job, with both her voice and her facial expressions.  I also understand why the ladies next to me like the actress playing the main part.  She was really funny. 
I will give one word of caution.  Be careful where you sit.  The characters will interact with someone in the first row.  The man at this production was such a good sport.  In the escalator on the way out, someone asked him if he knew what would happen.  He said they told him she would be doing things but they didn't tell him what. That was probably a good thing.

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