Friday, August 10, 2012

South Texas Tour: Victoria

After a full day of work at my customer's office in San Antonio, I hit the road for Victoria.

This 120 mile drive will take me through small towns like Floresville, Karnes City and Goliad.  Because there isn't going to be much to do once I get to Victoria, I take my time getting there to bring you this photo tour.

An airplane advertising the phone number of a packed restaurant.

Sometimes I see a sort of elegance in the configuration of power lines.

Even if this roadside restaurant had been on Diners, Drive-inns & Dives, I don't think I would have eaten here.  The windows were interesting though.


Someone needs to tell them it's July.

A very common sight on this leg of the trip.

This peanut is next to the small Wilson County Courthouse.  The darker sign that appears to have fallen down on the post to the right says:

I cropped out the big pile of dog poop right in front of the sign.  
You're welcome.

The Goliad County Courthouse 1894

The "Hanging Tree" on the courthouse lawn.  The historical marker says that between 1846 and 1870 capital offense sentences were carried out immediately "by means of a rope and a convenient limb".

At a park near the courthouse there is a monument to James Fannin.  The inscription says "Erected in memory of J. W. Fannin and his Comrades in Arms.  April A. D. 1885"

The Battle of Goliad was fought here in 1836, part of the Texas Revolution.

One of Fannin's cannons.

I am booked at The Lone Star Inn and in a recurring theme on this trip, my GPS cannot find it.  It takes me to a pasture.  Because the address is on a highway, I decide to drive towards town and see if I can find it on my own.  I do but it proves very difficult to get to.  By the time I arrive I am feeling pretty frustrated.

Exterior entry is not my favorite type, especially on the first floor.  There aren't a lot of hotel options in Victoria and this was the only place with an available room when I booked it.  I also got the last room they had.

The room has orange walls, including the baseboards and trim.  It also has a giant hot tub in the bedroom.  As with every other room I have had with a jacuzzi tub, the jets don't work.

It smells bad in here.  While I am looking at the bed, I am thinking how thin and dingy the sheets look.  Then I realize, they are are dingy AND blue.

And you better not steal them.

During check-in the clerk keeps fielding phone calls and turning people away.  Like I said, choices are limited.  I ask him about someplace to eat.  "I dunno," he says.  I say, "If you could eat anywhere in town, regardless of cost, where would you go?"  "I dunno."

There is a small truckstop next door with an attached McDonald's.  I don't really want to but I don't know where else to go and I might not be able to find my way back in the dark.  I don't feel like taking a lot of chances with no direction at this point. 

The girl at the drive-thru window is rude when she can't hear my order and when I have the nerve to order a shake when the ice-cream machine is broken, I fact I couldn't possibly know.  I am pretty sure she spit on my food and end up eating some trail mix and sunflower seeds I already had with me. I set the fries on a table where the A/C can blow across them so they double as a scented air freshener.

Luckily I am so tired that the noise from this A/C unit (believe me, I am grateful it works) and the trucks coming and going all night don't keep me up.  In the morning, I am really happy to check out.  There is no free breakfast here and I think I will skip breakfast at McDonald's.

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