Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sorry, We're Closed: Jacksonville, FL

This week finds me visiting Jacksonville Florida along with Tropical Storm Debby.  We arrived at approximately the same time.

Debby messed up some of my plans and made it clear very quickly what I forgot to pack - an umbrella.  Something I immediately obtained.

Debby wasn't the only problem.  I have mentioned before that being a business traveler/tourist limits what I can see.  Whatever the reason, I am denied again and again.

Kingsley Plantation - closed due to weather

The Cummer Museum Gardens closed due to weather

Women's room at The Cummer - closed due to weather?

At 6 pm I find the Fountain of Youth!  It closed at 5.

Mission Nombre de Dios Museum, the grounds were open, museum closes at 4, I am here just after 6.

A woman at the Mission says I have to go in the chapel.  It is padlocked.



Nope.  Are they mocking me?

Alligator Farm, "extended" summer hours until 6 pm.  I am here at 7.

Even the BEACH was closed.  AFTER the storm was gone.

So did I manage to see anything at all?  Yes, and I will get to that soon.  

And it may have been closed the first time but I am going back.  I need to see the Fountain of Youth.  I feel a little parched.

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