Friday, June 8, 2012

A Ball Game and a Bacon Dog

My brother and sister-in-law recently brought their two girls down from Oklahoma to take in a Texas Rangers game, the kids first.

Grace, Abby, Davida & Chris

David's crotchety-old-man-ness was acting up and has been recently.  When we went to see the musical Memphis the previous weekend, he let me drive but kept telling me I was doing it wrong.  When we get to the stadium I suggest that we let the girls go straight out toward the field, to take their first look.  He wants to go straight to the seats, they can see the field from there.

I win.  Seriously, we are here really early.  We thought we would see batting practice but they apparently took it indoors today.

David takes my insistence well.

Food is primary on the list.  David and I go to get some lunch while Chris takes the girls to see if they can get an autograph.

That's Chris in the Kinsler (#5) jersey on the far right.  Abby is right in front of him.

She comes back empty handed for signatures, she brought the ball. 

We didn't though.  David found a vendor that carries "bacon wrapped hot dogs". 

David likes his dog so much that Chris sets off in search of one.

Abby with her dog.  It is an imperfect system when there are 4 people and some of them don't want a bacon dog.  Multiple trips are made.

The bacon-dog is a hit all around.

Except with Grace, who according to her mother, only eats sweets these days.  Her dad went in search of a funnel cake.

The funnel cake begins to wear off pretty early. Note that Grace and Abby are sitting next to each other above.  That didn't last.  Abby and I switch seats in the top of the 2nd inning.  Grace wants ice cream and I convince her to wait until the end of the third.

While sitting by Davida, I turn to talk to her and we both get a face full of butt.  The lady sitting behind us is clearly unaware we are sitting here.  This is the problem with pubic events...there are other people there.

David and I love this kid's ingenuity.  When C.J. Wilson left the Rangers and Yu Darvish was signed, he improvised rather than getting a new jersey.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Unfortunately the couple behind him who are looking at each other in this shot spent a large portion of the game with their tongues down each others throat.

David and I take her to find ice cream as promised and I am pretty sure I saw a vendor on the way to our seats.  David makes several comments about how far we have gone, his crotchetiness making a comeback performance.  Finally we turn around.  The vendor was hard to see coming back the other way, we passed right by it.

Grace wearing the hat the ice cream came in.  That girl is a mess!  She tried to switch seats with me but I didn't know what all was going to transfer from her seat to me so I initially resist.

The girls make it for a while but as with kids their age, they grow tired and bored.  By the 6th inning Grace is asking me pretty consistently if the game is over.  No.  Is it over?  No.  It is over?  No.  When will it be over?

I try to explain that if the guys in the gray get 3 outs then the guys in the white get three two more times, it will be over.  Only it wasn't.

The girls aren't the only ones ready for it to be over.  The areas in the sun are thinning as the extra innings go on.  David has learned I don't like those seats and he tries to pick something in the shade now.

Our companions finally decide they are done in the bottom of the 11th inning.

I move down by David and we make up, crotchetiness forgotten.

The game finally ends in the bottom of the 13th.  Josh Hamilton ends the game in a spectacular fashion, with a walkoff homerun.  Too bad the kids couldn't last just a little longer.  Maybe next time.

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