Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Six Flags + a 2 year-old = test of Grandparent stamina

David and I are young grandparents.  When we are out in public with our grandkids, people frequently assume we are the parents.  But even though we are young - comparatively speaking - we still usually have less energy than our 2 year old granddaughter.  Sometimes we get tired just watching her.

Recently she came to spend the night and we took her to Six Flags over Texas in Arlington the next day.  Can the 40-something grandparents outlast the 2 year-old ball of energy?  Let's see how it played out:

We start with the traditional Grandpa shoulder carry.  Already we are at a disadvantage since she won't be carrying us at any point.

First ride, the Carousel.  If you point a camera in her direction she will give in to her compulsive "cheese" habit.

Throwing coins in the wishing fountain.  She would have thrown a million dollars in if I had possessed that amount in coins.  She had to be content with $1.87.

That is a lot of beverage for a child who is quasi-potty trained.  Grandma didn't bring any extra clothes.  How did I get so out of practice so fast?

She wouldn't take the spoon.  It is slow going to eat dip-n-dots one-by-one.  So I demonstrated an alternate method:

Much more efficient but a new problem emerges, "It is cold on my hands".

Problem solved, a personal dip-n-dots holder is pressed into service.

On the train.  Is she tired or just in love with Grandpa?  Maybe both?

In line for a ride.  Definitely getting tired even though she is still the one being carried.  All I can think is, "She drank a LOT of lemonade earlier."

On the Log Ride, all that water (and lemonade) and no accident.  Grandma & Grandpa look pretty fresh to me but someone looks a little tired up front.

Our K-girl is small for her age but can she ride?  Yes she can.  This is her first time to go on a ride solo.

A second cheese and a second wind?

Definitely a second wind...back-to-back rides.  The minute the ride stopped she was ready to get in line again.  She would have gone a third time but we needed:

More food.  "Grandma, I want a blueberry popsicle."  How about a PinkThing instead?

Another round on the Carousel before we head to the car.

KO in the parking lot...this round goes to the Grandparents!

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