Friday, October 30, 2015

Look Up: Glasgow, Edinburg & Oben, Scotland

Before we arrived at our hotel from the airport the first day, two different people said, "When you are in Scotland, you have to look up."  It was immediately easy to see why.  Statues, stonework on buildings, carvings, gargoyles, weather vanes, church steeples, window boxes...everywhere.  Even the ceilings inside the buildings were worth looking at most of the time.  Take a quick tour with me.

Yeah, that.

I love this one.

Hey, David...Statue of Liberty.

Another of my favorites.

He's got some chiseled abs. 
Admit it David, you laughed.

To my brother Aaron, does this remind you of anything?

Sometimes you are the queen, sometimes you are the pigeon.

This is the kind of picture I take where David is standing there wondering 
what the hell I am taking a picture of.

In case you can't tell, that's a downspout.


More next time, I have to go rest my neck.


  1. Grey, grey and more grey. Colorful place!

  2. Right? I think that is why the window boxes stood out so much.