Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kennie & Grandma around town: Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, TX

My troubles in Texas didn't end after the fire.  The morning after the fire I woke up with a sore throat.  By the next day I knew I had a cold.  Having a head cold and sore throat when you are going to talk for 8 hours a day can be a problem.

Even though I have a cold, I am reluctant to change my dinner plans for Thursday night.  It has been a hard week and I am really looking forward to my dinner date.

That smile can fix anything.

Kennie, my granddaughter, and I have plans to go to Dave & Buster's for dinner and then to stay at the hotel before going to my parent's house for the weekend.  

Kennie knows exactly what she wants to have for dinner.  Course 1 is the milkshake, no hands or straws needed.

Course 2 is pasta...JUST pasta, grandma.  Don't put stuff on my pasta grandma.  The best part about being a grandma is not worrying about little things like Kennie's desire to suck her pasta up rather than use a fork.  We got a lot of comments on her "tattoos" over the weekend and her consistent reply was, "They are coming off because I have been taking baths at my daddy's house."  

Course 3, broccoli.  Kennie loves it.  It actually came with my meal but she ended up eating most of it.

Course 4, cherries.  Kennie charmed the waiter into giving her a cup of cherries after only getting one with her milkshake.

On to the games.  She had a hard time with skeeball.  When she finally got a ball to go all the way up the ramp, it was like she won the Olympics.

It's all about the tickets.  The nice lady behind the prize counter fudged her total just a bit to let her buy 2 items that she didn't quite have enough tickets for.  I spent $25 - not including dinner - for a Lik-M-Aid and a box of Nerds.  She was quite happy.

The next day, we head to my parent's home to attend my grandmother's birthday party.  That makes her Kennie's Great-Great-Grandmother.  Not a lot of people can say they had 5 generations around at one time.  I am not accustomed to corralling an almost 4-year old who wants her Texas-shaped waffle sooner than later while trying to pack.  I ended up leaving all of my pants and clean underwear in the drawer at the hotel. When I realize this later and call, they don't have them.  This necessitates a trip to the Parks Mall in Arlington, otherwise known as the Pit of Hell.

Since this was Easter weekend, I had a small basket for Kennie, including a chocolate bunny.  I promised she could eat it in the car.  I almost had a wreck when I turned and discovered this scene.  Calm down, I took this photo in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant where I pulled over to deal with the melted mess.

Kennie & I have tickets to see Winnie the Pooh at Casa Manana Theatre in Fort Worth with my mom, dad, niece & sister-in-law.  In keeping with the theme of "things that can go wrong, will", dad isn't able to make it home from work on time and we have to leave without him.

My oldest daughter was once picked on mercilessly by her cousins - including my niece on the far left of this photo - for being "different" or possibly adopted.  That meant she wasn't blonde and blue eyed like her three cousins, brother and sister.  I suddenly know how she feels though my mom's eyes are actually green.  

Grandma's party is brunch at the tearoom inside Decorator's Warehouse in Arlington, Texas.  I know the place only because my mom has mentioned how great it is before.

Kennie helps my dad load the presents in the car.

Decorator's Warehouse says they are "Texas' #1 Christmas Store".  I am still not prepared for what is inside.

Lots of giant Santa displays.

If I could fit him in my suitcase, he would be going home with me.

They carry Christmas Trees in every possible size, shape and color.  
"Let's buy this one Grandma!"

They also carry an extrordinary number of ornaments, wreaths and other decorations.  Kennie grabs a basket and starts to fill it.  We have 2 gingerbread people ornaments, a small nativity scene, and some hummingbirds on strings.

There was one more possible purchase...

She didn't get the hat because the only ones with batteries were the displays.  She wanted it to work "NOW".  We had one other possible taker in the hat department.

I know it is only Easter but I am suddenly ready for a Happy, Happy Christmas!  All of these people also make everything that happened this week totally worth the trip.

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