Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lambert's Cafe: Foley, AL

After Alligator Alley, I wanted to go to Lambert's in Foley, about 10 miles down the road.  Lucikly no one put up a serious objection so off we went. 

Lambert's Cafe is "The Only Home of Throwed Rolls", their website is even  They have three locations:  Sikeston & Ozark, Missouri and the one we are at in Foley, Alabama.
Look, just as I suspected, a big ham hanging from the ceiling.  And they really do throw rolls at you. 
That's my dad under the hanging meat drinking from the giant yellow cup (all adults get that size).  The boy in the red suspenders, bow-tie and visor is the thrower.  He is wearing an oven mitt because the rolls they throw are HOT.
Right next to dad there is a woman serving us fried okra from a large silver bowl.  The strange thing about this was we have no plates at this point.  No problem she says, just grab a paper towel from the roll on the table.  We do and are each given a heap of okra right on our paper towel.  When the thrower goes to the other side of the room, it is our turn to catch a roll or two.
Here is an action shot of dad catching his second roll, he dropped the first one.  They don't toss the rolls...they definitely throw them.
The rolls are so hot that when you catch them, they almost seem to deflate even though they are not hollow.  Besides being hot, these rolls are fantastic.  Give me some butter and I might never leave.  Plus, these rolls are outstanding for making bread squares.
I have been making break squares as long as I can remember.  Basically, you take bread (without crust) and squash it into a ball and then shape it into a square.  Besides the fact that I like to nibble on these compressed squares of bread, my brothers absolutely hated that I did this.  This would make doing just about anything more appealing.
Kendall hated that one of the servers came by with a large pot that contained a stuffed possum on a stick.  When he suddenly jerked it from the pot and thrust it at her, she backed up real fast.
Lambert's is a messy place to eat.  Besides the girl offering okra and the guy throwing rolls, the offered us a variety of other things out of large bowls or pots.  Because of this, they don't allow sharing.  My parents were trying to do this very thing but the waiter explained that they just don't allow an extra plate because of all of the free food.  If you want to eat from the same plate, that is up to you.
Kendall was in a good mood we left, she gave us a big Yee-Haw on the horse in the parking lot.
Lambert's is worth a stop, just be prepared. A hot roll or a stuffed animal on a stick might be coming your way.


  1. This sounds like a fun place! I love unique restaurants that are doing something different and I don't know of any others that are throwing rolls!

  2. I thought the food was pretty average but the experience is what matters here (very much like the Big Texan in Amarillo, TX). Does your restaurant do anything unique?